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The family company Titania Lux, s.r.o. www.titanialux.cz manufactures, assembles and supplies a wide range of home and interior lighting. We supply standard luminaires according to our own catalogue, as well as atypical, non-standard ones that are based on the client’s requirements.
We also provide complete supplies of equipping projects, i.e. starting from the design (usually in cooperation with architect or investor, or directly by the architect or investor’s design), through the manufacture, assembly, installation and delivery of the entire project to the client. The supporting structure of the luminaires in many versions is provided by our own production.
The most demanded are bodies (chandelier parts) of glossy brass, polished to a mirror shine. We clean that high-quality surface with ultrasound, passive and protect it with clear paint coating.
Besides this excellent quality, we offer and deliver a number of other variations in surface treatments (e.g. nickel, bronze, old gold, old brass, etc.), and in the base material (steel or cast bodies).
Since the production of body parts runs completely on our own machines with full mastery of technology, we are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Unlike body parts, we do not make pendants; we buy them. This enables us to offer and deliver to our customers all types of trimmings that are available on the market, starting with trimmings of absolute world elite represented by Preciosa and Swarovski (30% lead crystal), to lead-free crystal.
We offer handmade crystal bowls and vases (pressed, blown, wire-wrap, etc.), cut, decorated, painted and mechanically pressed. 
We look forward to your interest or, even more, to your personal visit, during which we will be pleased to show you our showroom and refine our offer based on your requirements. We believe that after meeting with us you will expand the number of our satisfied clients


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