Crystal chandelier is best to be chosen or designed by an interior designer. When choosing a chandelier in an existing interior remember a few aspects that should be kept in mind when choosing a crystal chandelier:
- the clearance height of the crystal chandelier (the distance of the most bottom part of the chandelier from the floor) should be at least 2.20 meters; at least 3 meters for a chandelier in a ballroom, and at least 0.70 meters for a chandelier above a table; 
- the diameter of the chandelier should be inferred from the height of the chandelier, depending on what design (pear shape, surface mounted to the ceiling, ...) crystal chandelier you will opt for;
- the surface finish of the brass chandelier parts should harmonise with the colour of the interior. You can choose from solid brass, nickel, black nickel (anthracite), old brass, copper, old copper, gold, silver and antique silver.
If you are not sure about the choice, please send us your interior design or photos of the interior, and we will gladly advise you, or send you contact details of one of the architects or designers with whom we work. Crystal chandelier is a long-term investment and it pays off not to rush when choosing it.


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