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Here you will learn ways how you can reduce the price of the chandelier, and also what to watch when you buy one, and why the price of our chandeliers is just as it is.
Sometimes the density of crystal trimmings can be seen at first glance. But what you cannot see at first sight is the quality of the trimmings and the quality of the construction. When you buy a crystal chandelier, and focus only on the price being the lowest, you will most likely purchase a chandelier that may not even be made of brass, and will be hung with low-quality trimmings.

In our chandeliers, we use Preciosa standard and Asfour 30% lead crystal trimmings, and our structures are made of brass. 

You can easily verify the structure by placing a magnet. When the magnet holds on the structure, it is brazed iron.

If you order an atypical chandelier that nobody will show you ahead, the risk is even greater. It may well be that you pay for a chandelier, as indicated in the figures on the left, and get chandeliers in the figures on the right.In the next picture you can see a chandelier with a diameter of 8 meters, 6 meters high.

The price of the chandelier can be:
A/ 2,700,000 - that’s how we make a standard chandelier, brass structure, Preciosa trimmings
B/ 3,100,000 - the connecting material of the trimmings is gilded with 24 carat gold (we recommend that to have the connecting material beautifully shiny, even after many years)
C/ 6,000,000 - all is gilded with 24 carat gold
D/ 1,600,000 - iron construction, low-quality trimmings

The price could be further reduced by using different chandelier components coming from China that are are becoming more frequent on the market. We certainly do not use those!

If you want to save on quality trimmings, please contact us, we will send you a price quotation.​




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