What are those mysterious cookies?
Cookies are small text files that websites store in your browser when you visit a website and start to use it. Browser thus remembers for some time some of your actions and behaviours on the site, and next time it can facilitate your actions. For example, cookies help proper operation of the site, memorising the entered data and their subsequent pre-filling, remembering which sites and functions you use most often, and they do more useful things, so that the next time you will have it all pretty handy.

An individual is not identifiable based on this information.
How does use them uses two types of cookies on their sites: Short and long term. Short are used only temporarily and remain stored on your device only until the browser is closed. Long stay longer stored on the device and allow you e.g. return to an unfinished order.
In Terms of the function that cookies fulfil, it can be broken down as follows:
conversion and tracking - allow analysing the performance of different sales channels,

remarketing - allow you personalisation of the content of ads and their right targeting,

analytical - help improving the quality of the websites,

essential - important for the basic functionality of the web.

Some cookies may collect information that is subsequently used by third parties and that, for example, directly support our promotional activities (i.e. "Third Party Cookies"). For instance, information about purchased products can be displayed by an advertising agency to better customise the display of internet advertising banners shown on other websites.

However, you can never be identified by these data.
How to set or refuse cookies
You can set the use of cookies in your internet browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies already by default setting. Cookies can be by setting your web browser refuse, or the use of only some cookies can be set.
We recommend that you leave cookies turned on. For example, if you block or reject some cookies, you will not be able to log in and use all our tricks that will save you plenty of time.

For information on how to set preferences for cookies: Chrome - Firefox Internet Explorer - Android


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